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Family…another word for love July 31, 2007

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I Love Making New Friends!! Stacey Love introduced me to her “family-in-laws”. Her sister-in-law Martha is heading off to do some amazing work in Africa. Family and Friends gathered for a farewell party. I was blessed to also be invited and was asked to take photographs. Prior to the party we headed out for some family portraits. I had a great time! It certainly helps when your subjects are fun, beautiful, and loving. I hope you all enjoy the pictures to come. I would like to thank Ms. Janie for graciously inviting me into her home. Martha…I hope you have an incredible time! Be Safe! Stacey….words can not express what your friendship means to me. You have supported me, shared joys with me, and eaten with me. (Mexican Food Rocks!) God has blessed me with your friendship and now you have blessed me with your family. I Love You! ***A slideshow of pictures to come.***


I Love This Picture!!! July 30, 2007

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I just finished my first portion of editing from Martha’s party. I still have more to do but I wanted to post my favorite picture. This is Martha’s sister, Carrie (hope I spelled that right). What a gorgeous girl. Hopefully I will have another opportunity to photograph her again.


Part of My Gift to Martha July 29, 2007

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I know..I know…I just got home a little while ago from photographing a party for my new friend Martha. I will post the whole story soon. But I could not stand to go to bed without viewing the photographs. And I could not go to bed without posting a few of my favorites for Martha. (Stacey… I know you will make fun of me..but I can not help myself.) Anyways there are a lot more to come. I am so excited to view them all and get them out to all of you.


My Sweet Maddi July 27, 2007

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Thanks Maddi!! My oldest daughter was kind enough to help her Mommy out. It had been several days since I had photographed and finished editing Cooper’s and Cody’s pictures. And lets just say….I needed to SHOOT someone. (hee-hee) Maddison was kind enough to let me take her down to my favorite barn and snap a few shots. I loved her little outfit. Maddi said “Mom elephants don’t wear glasses!” She is too smart. Well I got some cute shots! I Love You Maddison!


For Mommy!! July 21, 2007

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Stacey…here are some pictures for you. I hope you enjoy all of the pictures. Thanks again for having me do a session for you!


For Toots!

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I have just finished editing Cooper’s and Cody’s pictures. I ended up with quite a few good shots. I want to thank “Toots” for allowing us to use her house and property for the session. You have a beautiful home. While chasing after Cooper I saw this cloth hanging on the crib. I loved it. How lucky Cooper and Cody are to have you in their lives. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Oh yeah…..Thanks Jimmy for helping Cooper smile!


Cooper and Cody Love July 19, 2007

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I met Stacey Love through work a couple of years ago. What a blast we had. We have become great friends. She has two beautiful boys and I was thrilled to have the privilege to photograph them this morning. I must say I was extremely nervous. These boys have been photographed by AMAZING photographers. I had huge shoes to fill. I am not sure I even came close to filling them but I did get some sweet shots. It was hot…….no it was HOT! Stacey’s mom was there and wanted to have some shots with the boys. Cooper gave me “the look” most of the time but I didn’t mind. (Hey Coop…remember Ms. Susan is the one that let you climb on the fireplace!) Stacey….I hope you are pleased. Thanks again for giving me the honor to photograph your babies. This is a precious shot of Cooper reading to Cody! Slideshow to come soon.