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Cooper and Cody Love July 19, 2007

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I met Stacey Love through work a couple of years ago. What a blast we had. We have become great friends. She has two beautiful boys and I was thrilled to have the privilege to photograph them this morning. I must say I was extremely nervous. These boys have been photographed by AMAZING photographers. I had huge shoes to fill. I am not sure I even came close to filling them but I did get some sweet shots. It was hot…….no it was HOT! Stacey’s mom was there and wanted to have some shots with the boys. Cooper gave me “the look” most of the time but I didn’t mind. (Hey Coop…remember Ms. Susan is the one that let you climb on the fireplace!) Stacey….I hope you are pleased. Thanks again for giving me the honor to photograph your babies. This is a precious shot of Cooper reading to Cody! Slideshow to come soon.


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