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Two of my favorite pictures ever!!!!!! August 21, 2007

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I know that these are pictures from a post a while back, but……when I got home from our vacation I had the professional pictures waiting for me. They were better than I could have hoped for. These two pictures jumped out at me!! I guess I love to photograph the backs of people. LOL!! Anyways I LOVE THESE SHOTS!!! So I thought I would showcase them once more.


Vacation Slideshow

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Summer Vacation

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My Mom and I took the girls to Florida to visit our family. We all decided to head down to the Keys and spend a few days. We stayed at a beautiful place in Islamorada called Coconut Cove. It was gorgeous!!! I was excited to try and get some great beach shots of my girls as well as my nephew Dalton. I didn’t have such great luck but I did get a few.


Cannonsburgh Village August 4, 2007

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I had heard about this great photography spot called Cannonsburgh Village. I had never even noticed it off the side of the road in Murfreesboro. So last Sunday we all headed down there. I had bought these sweet dresses for the girls and needed to get some shots of them wearing them. (Before they got too small.) It was an amazing place for photography. We didn’t get to stay very long (due to a scraped knee and a tired baby), but I still came out with a lot of good photographs of my BEAUTIFUL girls.


Cannonsburgh Village Slideshow

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Slideshow August 2, 2007

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