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The Kake Lady January 25, 2008

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I have had so many emails and comments about the cake that I had for my daughter’s birthday party. So I thought I would post her information.

She is called the “Kake Lady”.
Her name is Jennifer Maccagnone.
Her phone number is 723-2568.

She makes amazing desserts!!!! So give her a try!!!


Justin’s Baptism January 21, 2008

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Another blessing!!!!

My oldest nephew, Justin, was baptised yesterday morning.

Justin has and will always had a HUGE place in my heart! He was the first grandchild born and he was born right after the lose of my Grandfather. His little soul helped me through some very tough times!!!!! We have always been the best of buds. As he has gotten older and as I have had children of my own….that special bond has waivered a little bit. But I know that deep down it will always be there…forever.

Justin……I am so proud of who you have become ( the tears come)!!!! Remember this…I love you forever!

**The picture is a little blurry and grainy, but it is very hard to take a picture when you are a blubbering mess!**


2007 Slideshow January 10, 2008

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I have really enjoyed viewing other blogger’s 2007 reviews. I thought I would repost some of my favorite pictures from this past year. I have truly been blessed with the business I have gotten since May. Besides my family…I most re-thank Stacey Love. As you can see about half of my favorites are of her family!!!! Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I am looking forward to another year. I am so anxious to get into warmer months….where I can do more lifestyle sessions. Just go with the flow!!!!! Happy New Year!


Ella’s First Hair Cut

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I am definitely one those people who is extremely emotional.

So, when my BABY finally got so past the “I need a hair cut” stage that she began to eat her hair……I was about to have a break done.

Well I sucked it up and headed to hair shop…..when I got there I realized I forgot my camera!!!! I literally almost hyperventilated!!!! Well luckily my hairdresser had her camera in her car.

Ella did great and she looks great with her big girl hair cut.

It is also good that this next picture helped me photographically document her chipped teeth.

Let me say…I am a terrible mother………I have NO idea when it happened. I also most admit my first thought was not…”Oh NO her teeth”… was “GREAT now she will have chipped teeth in all of her pictures until she looses them. (Well we do live in Tennessee.) That is the photographer in me!!!!!!!

Even with chipped teeth, I still think she is the cutest 15-month old!!!!!!

**Once again..I am not responsible for anyone lost in these dimples.**


Maddison’s Fourth Birthday Party January 6, 2008

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This year Maddison decided on a Hello Kitty Birthday Party.

I, once again, headed to the Kake Lady for the cake. I had decided on a “Mad Hatter” shape with Hello Kitty. She did an incredible job and the cake tasted AMAZING!!!!

Maddison was so excited to have all of her best friends at the party. Maddison loved all of her gifts and appreciated them very much.


Maddison’s Birthday Surprise

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Greg and I have always taken Maddison on a special Birthday Surprise. This year we decided to head to Chattanooga. Maddison had never been to the Discovery Center, so we thought we would go there and then head over to the Aquarium. We all had a great time!!!!!