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Cooper Love February 27, 2008

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Finally…..Cooper Love likes me…he really likes me!!!!!! Hee-Hee! This was the first time that Cooper really acted silly for me. I must admit that his Toots helped me out, but still I was part of it!

A little birdy told me that these rocks were special to a special someone!!!! I hope she enjoys these pictures.


Cody Love continued…..

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I have been so busy with school work that I have not been able to finish Cody’s birthday pictures. I was able to do a few this morning and thought I would share.

I must note that little Cody had been sick prior to and was sick at his birthday party. So…it was not easy to get a smile. Sweet baby!


Ella’s First Snow!!

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I was so happy to see snow this morning!!!

Ella was sick on the last day of snow so she was unable to go out with Maddison.

So today we were ready for some snow fun!

I must say…..she is one cute snow bunny!!!


Cody Love is One!! February 19, 2008

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I can’t believe that this little man is already ONE!

I will never forget the day that Stacey called to tell me she was pregnant! To say the least…I was shocked but excited.

I know that I have said this before but I so love this family.

I am blessed to be invited to spend special times with them.


Finally…………a SNOW day February 16, 2008

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In ALL of Maddison’s years….she has only been able to play in the snow once. Now I know that you can’t really consider this a BIG snow, but it was enough.

So she got all bundled up and we headed out.

She, of course, grabbed her hot pink sunglasses!!!!

We didn’t last long but it was long enough to get some cute pictures!


A Beautiful Day

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Maddison was so excited to have the chance to go outside and play!!!

She jumped at the shot to get to wear her hot pink sunglasses!