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Easter March 26, 2008

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Since it decided to be FREEZING on Easter, I was unable to get any good pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses. So I plan to get them dressed up again when the weather is nice.

So after church the girls got warmer clothes for the egg hunt. Even though they didn’t have their dresses on….I still thought they looked pretty!


Kite Flying!

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We have definitely had some gorgeous days!

My two nephews came over to enjoy the beautiful weather.

We decided to give kite flying a try. We have tried before without success. We were surprised with how well we did and the kids really enjoyed it. I must say though that my sister-in-law and I enjoyed it more than they did.


Lion Country Safari March 9, 2008

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Another fun thing we did in Florida was going to Lion Country Safari. It has a safari ride plus lots of rides and other fun activities. We had a blast!

The highlight of the trip, for me personally, was the giraffe feeding. If I had to choose a favorite animal….it would be the giraffe.

It was amazing to see the kids so close to such an extraordinary animal.


Florida Vacation

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I was so ready for Spring Break! My Mom and I decided to take the girls to Florida to visit family.

Maddison loves to go to Florida and she desperately needed to go to the beach. (You know how four year olds are…right?) I must say that I was also ready to get away.

So we headed out with a stock pile of brand-new never before seen DVDs and toys.

This was Ella’s first trip to the beach. She was not too happy about the fact that she was getting gross, sticky, yucky stuff on her. She kept her little hands up in the air for must of the time. She was so darn cute.

Maddison acted like a ole pro. She had a blast!

*This is Ella’s serious “I hate the beach” look.*
*Maddison living it up!*
*Hands up high*
*She was trying so hard to build a sand castle*
*Ella enjoying a little breeze—–hands up!*