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Pure Joy August 22, 2008

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I have officially found my favorite picture of all time!!! Look at that sweet, happy, Maddi face!!!

The team decided to play a mini game……Coneheads vs. Ducktails!! Maddison thought that was sooooo funny.

Maddison did great and scored a point for the Ducktails!!!!

She was so excited and came to over to me to be sure I saw her score!!! Of course I did!!!!


More of Maddi’s Soccer

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I had no idea how Maddison’s first sports experience would affect me. She hasn’t even had a game yet and I am already filled with pride. To see the true joy on her face has been so fulfilling for me.

There is nothing better than seeing your child happy!!!

The coach had them doing some silly stuff!!! Maddi just ate it up!!

Such a diva…..even on the soccer field.

Oh yeah…Grandma was kind enough to finish off Maddi’s pink practice outfit with some awesome pink socks!!! Thanks Grandma!


Maddison’s First Soccer Practice August 20, 2008

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I am so excited that Maddison is finally old enough to experience sports!! I think soccer will be the perfect one to start out with. She loves to play soccer and likes all of the constant action. She looked SOOOO cute today in her little soccer practice clothes. She was all decked out in pink. I love this kiddo’s natural smile!!!!


Ella’s First Day of Preschool

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My little Ella had her first day of school!!! I am excited for her to make friends and grow in her personality. She is so darn cute in her classroom!!

Here she is saying…..ELLA!!!


Ella August 16, 2008

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……i can’t believe this little munchkin is almost two years old……

p.s. i love you TOO


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…..what is it with little girls and goofy grins…

p.s. i love you to the moon……and back


Back to School

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Maddison’s First Day of Pre-Kindergarten

When Greg and I got married we knew that we wanted kids immediately. God had different plans. It took four years for our first baby girl, but it was worth the wait! Then almost three years after that we got our second baby girl!

That baby girl is the one that is starting preschool and the older one is in Pre-Kindergarten.
I love my girls! I am so proud of them and can’t wait to see who they will become over the years.

Ella’s Preschool Open House